Fujifilm GFX 100 Review by dpreview (90% Gold Award)

dpreview has completed the full review of Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format mirrorless camera today. The GFX 100 received 90% overall score of gold award.

Conclusion from dpreview:
The GFX 100 is a highly specialized tool, and yet one that Fujifilm has worked on to make as flexible and capable as possible. It offers very high resolution, supported by good glass and image stabilization to let you exploit that resolution far beyond the studio. It’s not an all-rounder like some of the high-res full-frame mirrorless cameras can be, but it does things you wouldn’t expect of a 100MP medium format camera.
What we like What we don’t
  • Stunning images in terms of both resolution and tonal quality
  • Image stabilization makes it easier to get full benefit of 100MP resolution
  • GF lenses live up to the resolution demands
  • Autofocus is swift and accurate by medium format standards
  • Impressive video quality and specifications
  • Viewfinder is highly detailed and compatible with existing tilt/articulation accessory
  • Twin batteries give solid ‘in the field’ endurance
  • Chargeable/operable over USB
  • Control dials feel small and cheap
  • Autofocus performance isn’t impressive compared to smaller format cameras
  • Portrait orientation grip is slim and slippery
  • Portrait orientation controls don’t mimic normal orientation layout
  • On-sensor AF causes banding, slightly limiting usable dynamic range
  • We found it hard to find a dial setup that worked smoothly