Fujifilm Interview by Newswitch

Japanese website Newswitch has interview the manager of Fujifilm, talking about Fujifilm’s medium format mirrorless cameras and X-mount APS-C mirrorless cameras and their future plan.

Here are some highlights of this interview:

  • High-end amateurs have a lot of interest in the Fujifilm GFX 100.
  • We should expanding the APS-C“ X-mount system, because this market is growing quickly.
  • Small size and light weight mirrorless cameras is still popular.
  • The demand for video will grow in the future. 5G will start. And it ’s easier to send heavy data from 4K.
  • Shooting functions for smartphones such as compound eyes and 10x zoom are also evolving. However, shooting in a blurred background or in a dark place, resolution is still superior (with interchangeable lenses). It ’s hard to convey the appeal.
  • Fujifilm will improve efficiency and reduce costs of cameras
  • Asia market is very important, we will pay more attention on it.
  • The current digital camera is thought to be an inexperienced market, Fujifilm tried to revitalize by putting out the type.
  • Weight and slowness are the challenges of Fujifilm Medium format cameras such as GFX 100.
  • Fujifilm updates their roadmap once a year and has historically averaged 5 or 6 new products a year and they do not intend for that pace to slow.

via: Newswitch