FUJIFILM Obtained a Patent for a Super-telephoto single focus lens for APS-C with DOE

FUJIFILM has obtained a patent for a super-telephoto single focus lens for APS-C that uses a diffractive optical element.  Source: IPForce.

Patent holder: FUJIFILM Corporation
Patent: 7043439
Publication number: P2020134536
Application number: P 2019022760
Registration date: 2022-03-18
Date of issue: 2022-03-29
Title of the invention: Imaging lens and imaging device

Example 1 (400 mm F4)
Focal length: 388.19
F number: 4.11
Full angle of view (degrees): 4.4


Example 4 (550 mm F5.6)
Focal length: 543.85
F number: 5.75
Full angle of view (degrees): 3.2
The lens group of the example seems to be a lens for APS-C from the focal length and the angle of view. Since DOE (diffractive optical element) is used for these lenses, Fujifilm may be considering super-telephoto lenses such as Nikon’s PF and Canon’s DO.

Also, it seems that the lens in the example is equipped with image stabilization because there is a description of OIS. Since there is only one focusing lens, AF seems to be fast.

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