Fujifilm to Launch Two Tilt Shift Lenses for GFX in 2023

According to the Fujirumors, Fujifilm will launch Two Tilt Shift Lenses for GFX in 2023, most likely: Fujifilm GF 21mm F4 TS lens and Fujifilm GF 30mm F4 TS Lens.

If Fujifilm doesn’t change their plans so far, one of them will definitely be the GF30mmF4 TS.

As for the second one, you may remember Fujifilm’s 2019 poll on tilt-shift lenses for GFX. Among the four options presented by Fujifilm, “GF21mmF4 Tilt Shift”, “GF30mmF4 Tilt Shift”, “GF63mmF4 Tilt Macro” and “GF120mmF5.6 Tilt Macro”, many people want the widest “GF21mmF4 Tilt Shift”. Second place was the GF30mmF4 TS.

In the GFX community, few people wanted tilt macros. According to the source, the second lens is not a tilt macro, but a tilt shift, so I think that those who voted for the GF21mmF4 TS in the survey can expect a lot. However, there is no detailed information regarding the second lens, and it is possible that it is a completely different lens.

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