New Firmware for Fujifilm X-Pro3, X-T3, X-T100, X-A7, X-A5, XF10, XP140 Released !

Fujifilm today has released a series of new firmware updates for Fujifilm X-Pro3, X-T3, X-T100, X-A7, X-A5, XF10, XP140 cameras. You can take a look at details of firmware updates below:

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Firmware Version 1.01, download here

1.The phenomenon is fixed that a line noise can appear on the right end of a recorded image in continuous shooting with ES (Electronic Shutter).

Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware Version 3.10, download here
  • 1.Gimbal / Drone support (*)  
    This firmware adds the following function to complement the current support for still image shooting via USB communications:  
    ・Starting and ending video recording  
    ・Adjusting exposure settings (exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation) for video recording  
    ・Making manual focus adjustments for video recording
    *This is the function via USB communication. About supported gimbals and drones, refer to support information not only on our website but also manufacturers’ websites.
  • 2.Fix of minor bugs.
Fujifilm X-T100 Firmware Version 2.01, download here
  • When using an external flash, an image can be recorded with a selected color temperature.
  • 2.The phenomenon is fixed that a display of the focused AF area is shifted when enlarging a recorded image by the touch zoom function.
  • 3.The phenomenon is fixed that images are not recorded in the selected step of AE bracketing under a specific shooting condition.
  • 4.Fix of slight defects.