Fujifilm Released Firmware for GFX100(Ver.2.0), GFX 50S(Ver.4.0), GFX 50R(Ver.2.0)

Along with new GF 30mm f/3.5 R WR Lens, Fujifilm today released biggest firmware upgrade in the history for GFX system (GFX100 Firmware Ver.2.0, GFX 50S Firmware Ver.4.0, GFX 50R Firmware Ver.2.0). You can see the full press release below:

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New Firmware for Fujifilm X-Pro3, X-Pro1, X-T2, X-E1, X-A7 and XF 8-16mm f/2.8 Lens

Fujifilm has just released a series of new firmware for selected Fujifilm cameras and lenses. You can see the details below:

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