Two Fujifilm tilt-shift Lenses for GFX mount to be Announced

Here is the first image of the upcoming two Fujifilm tilt-shift Lenses for GFX mount.

The details of these lenses are unknown at this time, but judging from the images, none of them are particularly large for tilt-shift lenses, and we got the impression that they can perform both tilt and shift operations properly. The GF lens roadmap hasn’t been updated, so there’s no certainty that these lenses will come out in 2023, but it seems likely that they’ll come out next year. These lenses are going to give momentum to the GFX system.

Fujifilm GF 100mm f/5.6 T/S Macro lens


The 110mm has an angle of view equivalent to 85mm at full size, and is intended for product photography and food photography. The lens has a decent close-up performance that allows you to shoot relatively small subjects at close range in the studio, correcting subject distortion, exaggerating them, and increasing or decreasing the depth of field.

Fujifilm GF30mm f/5.6 T/S lens

The 30mm is a full-frame, 24mm-equivalent field of view, making it a classic wide-angle tilt-shift lens that will appeal especially to architectural and interior photographers.

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